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Are There Earwigs In Your Home?

Earwigs are a particularly cringe-worthy insect, and infestations of the pest are just as repulsive as the insect itself. While the earwig may not always act exactly as you may think it does, it still poses just as much of a threat as any other pest.

Earwigs are a much more outdoor-loving pest than most others. Most earwigs tend to stay out in moist soil that are near reliable food sources. If you have an earwig infestation, it is usually by accident. Earwigs can sometimes enter by mistake through cracks in your walls or foundation, or by living in the soil of plants that are brought in by the homeowner. Bad weather conditions such as cold temperatures and drought can also lure them inside for refuge.

The common misperception is the earwigs crawl into the ear of sleeping humans and bore into their brains. The truth is, earwigs do not attack, however when defending themselves, they may give a short nip and discharge a foul-smelling yellow-brown liquid, both of which can be harmful to humans.

Dealing with an earwig infestation is not something that can be dealt with quickly since earwigs release a pheromone in their feces to attract other earwigs to the spot. Even if you kill an earwig, more could be on the way. Professional pest control services are better equipped earwig killers who know exactly the best ways on how to properly deal with such infestations. By eliminating both the insects themselves, and any traces they leave behind, pest control companies are the most effective pest management to be found.

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