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Toronto’s nature is abundant in water and rain and this contributes to reproduction and elevated levels of pest activities throughout different seasons of the year hence he need for pest control remains to be crucial in the Greater Toronto Area. Depend on your property’s structure and age, there might be more than one kind of pest types that needs to be controlled and treated.

Whether you are aware of your property’s pest problems or not, our experts at Provincial Pest Control have managed to treat hundreds of problems with long lasting results and will be happy to offer you a completely free in home investigation and inspect different areas. Depend on the kind of pest, we have proven techniques we use to eliminate those pests at an effective rate. There might be need for return visits and timely schedule to maintain the pest free environment so our promise to you is that you will get the best service and pricing available in the market today.

For every customer we provide an end-to-end investigation that includes checking for cockroaches, ants, other class of small bugs such as centipedes, flies, spiders and more. We also specialize in rodent and mice problems and will guide you on how to keep your environment pest free.

Our technologies are up-to-date and will assure your safety. We guarantee our work and we know once you have given us the chance to serve you, your happiness and satisfaction is automatic.

We take our work seriously and have earned a name in industry for being professional, on-time and on budget. Our FREE Pest Inspection is probably the best thing you will have done to your home as it will not only inspect existing problems but also will educate you about the solutions we can provide to eliminate your pest problem.

Call us today or email us so that one of our expert pest control technicians could explain to you how can we effectively eliminate your pest problems anywhere in Greater Toronto Area. We provide a completely FREE Pest Inspection and will provide you a list of solutions available to control related pest activities. Our solutions are affordable and safe. We are committed to provide you with a cleaner and much satisfaction after our work is done. Feel free to contact us today at 647-997-5080.


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Our competent team ensures that you get the best services from anywhere in the region. We will reach out to you anytime and anywhere to help you with your infestation problem. We are striving to serve you in your area and ensure that you get the best of our services. No matter how far you live, we will make sure to send in a response team as quickly as possible and offer you the best way to deal with the problem.

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Free Pest Inspection Disclaimer

1. Inspection as Part of Treatment When homeowners choose our company to get rid of pests, we only charge them for the service and offer inspection for free.

2. Inspection Separately from Treatment If the house has a heavy cockroach or bed bug infestation or shows clear symptoms of infestation, we offer a free inspection.

Our experts also guide the residents through the process and give treatment recommendations on spot. Even if you have a slight suspicion that there might be harmful pests roaming on your property, contact us immediately. It is better to opt for a pest inspection to ensure that the problem does not escalate.

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