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Ottawa is slap-bang in the middle of a riverside and rural environment, so it suffers from everything from ants and beetles to badgers and voles. At PPC, we know how to remove them all, and how to do it with minimal risk to you or your property. Call us for all your pest-control needs, and we’ll get to your area at a convenient time of your choosing, ready and willing to assist. Our highly trained inspectors will help you, help us, in identifying and taking care of your needs – whether it be prevention, control, or extermination.

Remove Any Rodents – Rodent Control Services

Mice and rats need different tactics to catch and remove from your home, but one thing they share is that they can’t get in if we seal up any entrances. We’ll start our treatment with a survey of your property to identify any possible entry points, followed by the appropriate method of capture and removal so you can sleep soundly without any scrabbling in your walls.

Bed Bugs Infestations – Bed Bug Exterminator

Bedbugs are nasty blighters, who suck your blood while you sleep, leaving your skin red and itchy. Most urban places in Canada have seen a rise of bedbug infestations in the past few years, so it’s not unlikely that you’ll be struck with them at some point – it’s not a comment on your cleanliness, just the persistence of these bugs. We can remove them with either heat-based or chemical-based treatments, both CCO approved and not harmful to you, your pets, or any surrounding wildlife.

Cockroaches Extermination – Get Rid Of Cockroaches

Cockroaches like to nest in warm places, and their droppings tend to attract other insects so they’re a pest that needs to be dealt with right away. There are four species within the continent of North America all of which are quite timid and like to hide away, so where you see one there’s likely a dozen more hiding nearby.

Get Rid Of Ants – Affordable Ant Extermination

In a river-side city like Ottawa, carpenter ants bury into your woodwork and pavement ants love your foundations – it’s the worst of both worlds caught between rural and urban insects. Ants can be a serious hassle to get rid of by yourself as they just keep coming back. We tackle the root cause, specializing in finding and exterminating the nest and the ants’ routes into your property, all while taking care to avoid harming any wildlife or plants nearby.

At PPC we know how to deal with them while keeping people, pets, and the environment safe from any equipment or substances we might use.

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