Acrobat Ants

Acrobat Ants : Workers are yellowish brown to blackish brown. These small ants are identified by their heart—shaped abdomen.

Nests :indoors are in structural wood exposed to moisture: roofing, siding, and porches, as well as door and window frames.

Colonies: The colonies usually are small and contain 2,000 to 3,000 workers. Winged males and females emerge from early June to November.

Habits. The common name, Acrobat Ants, is derived from its habit of raising its abdomen over its head and thorax when disturbed. Workers also will bite and give off an odor when alarmed. Infestations may be discovered by the powdery frass that falls from the nest galleries. These ants will make trails from their outdoor foraging sites to the nest site in wood, especially in enclosed decks and porches with wood frames.

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