Carpenter Bees

These are large black and yellow bees that look like bumble bees. However, the abdomen of the carpenter bee is shiny; the bumble bees is covered with fine hair.


Nests are built in exposed wood, including house siding or decking. Adults overwinter in the nest or in protected locations outdoors. Mating occurs in spring. Females may use an old gallery, create a new gallery, or adapt a gallery from an entrance used by other females.


Colony. Females make a half—inch diameter hole.           After excavating the long gallery, they begin preparing individual cells. Pollen and nectar are placed together, and the female deposits an egg on it. Over several days, she will create about six cells in      Carpenter bee nest in wood the gallery. Larval development is complete in 15 days, and adults appear in 36 days.

The first bee to become an adult is usually in the cell at the end of the gallery. The adult cuts through the partitions of all the cells to emerge.

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