Brown Marmorated Stink Bug

Adult body color is an irregular pattern (marmorated) ofdark and pale brown.

Nymphs are grayish black with a white spot on the apical third of the antenna.

Eggs are barrel shaped, yellowish red and deposited on the underside of leaves in batches of about 25. Hatching occurs in about five days. Egg laying begins in June and continues to September. A female can produce about 400 eggs in her lifetime. There are five nymph stages.

Food includes  seed—and fruit—bearing plants. Stink  bugs have piercing-sucking mouthparts and feed by sucking the sap from plants.

Habits.  Adults overwinter in large numbers inside and outside of buildings. Overwintering flights of adults to new or previously infested sites begin in October and lasts for about three weeks.

Movement to overwintering sites begins during the day when the temperature reaches about 77°F.

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