Kudzu Bug

Adult body color is an irregular pattern of green and brown with a rounded square shape; they are about 1/4 inch long. They move slowly and fly when disturbed.

Eggs are deposited on the undersides of leaves. Hatching occurs in about five days. Development from egg to adult takes about six weeks.

Food includes kudzu, Wisteria, and related plants. The first generation of kudzu bugs feed on kudzu or Wisteria;

the second generation may feed on soybeans in addition to kudzu.

Habits. Overwintering flights of adults to the sides of buildings begins in October and lasts for several weeks. They become active in early spring and move to food plants.

This bug produces an odor when disturbed. When crushed it will stain surfaces; the body fluids also may cause skin irritation in some individuals.

The adults fly to light-colored surfaces, especially white clothing or the sides of houses. Adults overwinter in large numbers inside and outside of buildings.

Distribution of this bug is currently limited to Southeastern U.S. It is expected to spread to regions where the kudzu vin grows, and this includes the Northeast and Midwest.

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