Furniture Beetle

Adults are uniformly reddish brown. The wing covers have distinct longitudinal lines, and the last antennal segments are enlarged.


Development. Eggs are deposited on tough wood surfaces or in cracks. Eggs hatch in three to six weeks. Larval development takes about two years, but can extend to five years. Larvae produce galleries filled with frass;

they bore close to the wood surface to form a pupal chamber. Adults emerge in May or June; they live about four weeks.


Habits. Infestations are more common in structural pine and spruce framing wood than in furniture.

The first—stage larva ingests yeast deposited on the egg by the female;

these yeasts become established in the larval gut. Yeasts are killed at 77°F, which restricts the initial development or re infestations of timbers in some attics.

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