Orientalwood Borer

Adults are about 3/8 inch long and dark brown; the front of the thorax has numerous indentations and spines, and there are two prominent spines projecting forward. The males have hooks or spines at the end of the wings. The head is bent downward, and the antennae are hidden.


Development. Eggs are laid in cracks and crevices and on rough surfaces of wood; hatching is in about seven days. Larval development period is about 6 months. The adults chew exit holes in the wood surface. Males crawl on the outside of the wood, but females usually remain in the holes to mate and lay eggs.


Habits. This Bostrichid is widely distributed in the Asia-Pacific region and can be found infesting shipments of wood materials from there.   Furniture from the Asia-Pacific region may be infested. The damage can remain hidden, but the adults (males) are often found crawling on the wood or close by. This beetle has become established in southern Florida.



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