Brownbanded Cockroach

Adult males are about 1/2 inch long, and females are slightly smaller. The body is brown to yellowish brown with distinct pale brown banding. Nymphs are banded light and dark brown. Adult males fly when disturbed, but females do not fly.

Egg case is brown to reddish brown; it is curved, and there are indentations showing the position of the eggs. It contains 14 to 18 eggs; hatching occurs in about 96 days. Female produce 10 to 20 egg cases. The egg case is deposited 24 hours after it is produced, and is glued to a substrate. Nymph development is about 114 days for males, and about 69 days for females. Males live about 115 days and females live about 90 days.

Habits. This species is common on furniture and in locations high on walls. Egg cases often are deposited at the same location by many females. These cockroaches have small pads on their feet, and they are not easily captured in sticky traps.

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