Pennsylvaniawoods Cockroach

Adult males are slightly more than one inch long, and females are slightly less than an inch long. Males and females are light brown, and the thorax and front wings have pale brown margins. The male’s wings extend to the tip of the abdomen; female wings are small pads. Only the males fly. Nymphs are dark brown.

Egg case is yellowish brown and contains 32 to 36 eggs; about 26 eggs hatch. An egg case is produced every five to nine days and is carried for about three days; a female can produce 30 egg cases in her lifetime. Nymphs hatch in summer and complete development to adult in the spring of the following year.

Habits. This species occurs in woodpiles and accumulated forest debris in eastern U.S. Males can fly more than 100 feet; they are attracted to lights at night in May and June. These cockroaches rarely persist indoors, they do not infest houses.

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