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Rodent and Mice Pest Control

Rodent activity increase as a result of lockdown!

With today’s fast-changing times as a result of the COVID-19 virus, it is only fair to have a look at everything from a pest control perspective as well. We remained an essential business since the beginning of this pandemic as a means to protect households and businesses, those open and closed, from the inevitable hazards caused by what these unwanted creatures leave behind. Whether it is the remains of dead rodents, urine, or their droppings, pest control is essential to ensure their eradication. Rodents have had an increased level of migration towards residences since the beginning of this pandemic, due to a lack of food availability from businesses such as restaurants and bars, simply because they have been closed for the majority of the time.

As you know rodents (rats and mice) need shelter (especially in winter time), source of food and water. If rodents can have all mentioned three important things, there is no need for rodents to move into properties, but if you stress them by removing or not providing any of that out of the equation, they start to act.

People who have never had any rodent issue (especially rats) and all of a sudden, their flowerbeds and lawns are full of burrows, rats running everywhere. The major reason for this kind of activity is missing food source and shelter due to significant shortage of leftover food near by garbage bins. 

With most of us working from home, we are unwillingly providing, first shelter, then food, for rodents. Simultaneously, however, pest control companies are working harder than aware, to provide high quality of service, while remaining compliant with the fast-changing times and health protocols. For those with suspicions of rodent activity in their household, it is important to know what you are looking for! Mice droppings will look like a grain of rice but in black, whereas rat droppings will resemble more of a raisin in shape and size. Hallmarked areas for finding said droppings include under the kitchen sink, behind the fridge and/or stove, cold rooms, furnace rooms, and laundry rooms, and many more. You may also hear scratching noise at night time behind the walls, and finally, holes about the size of a quarter outside of the property may also be indicative of rodent activity within the house. While these are very common signs of rat and mice activity, it is also important to note that each case of rodent infestation is unique, and can only be determined for sure by a professional pest control representative.

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